A decision to this effect was taken by the MBMC

Our aim is to make the entire region tanker free," said standing committee chairman Ravi Vyas..From now on, the slum dwellers will have to pay Rs 500 for each water tanker ordered from the civic administration. A decision to this effect was taken by the MBMC’s standing committee in its meeting held on Monday.Mumbai: In a significant decision, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) will henceforth stop supplying water through tankers free of cost to the slum settlements in the twin-city.

There are a total of 42 slum clusters in the city. "People staying in slum clusters are welcome to avail of new water lines. However, religious places, tribal hamlets and public functions will continue to get free water tankers in accordance to the erstwhile resolution which was passed way back in 2001.The resolution will curtain the annual financial China Sanitaryware burden of more than 72 lakh to fund the freebies

ماشین آنها را گرفته و او را به مکانی

"قربانی به خانه پدری خود برای جشنواره دوشنبه رسیده بود" ، گفت: ایستگاه پلیس بسا فروشگاه نارژ یداو به خبرنگاران گفت: س .. وی گفت كه هیچ كس درگیر در این حادثه امان نماند و اقدامات محكمی علیه متهم انجام شود. وزیر رامان سینگ این واقعه را محکوم کرده و آن را "یک عمل ذهن بیمار" توصیف کرده است.

گفته می شود که متجاوزان او را به شدت خراب کرده و سپس هنگامی که او در برابر تلاش خود مقاومت کرد ، میله ای را در قسمت های خصوصی خود درج کرد ، این زن به پلیس گفت ، سه فرد را به وی گانگ زد و سپس او را در حالت خونریزی انداخت. یک زن متاهل 36 ساله و سپس قرار دادن میله در قسمت های خصوصی خود ، در پخش مجدد باند باند وحشیانه نیربایای دهلی در دسامبر 2012.

پلیس گفت: متهم سوم ، شاهزاده سالوجا ، پسر کارخانه صندلی حمام و دوش قابل تنظیم محلی جی جی ، کارگر adjustable bath and shower chair factory و همچنین مغز متهم در این جنایت ، هنوز هم غافلگیر بود ، پلیس گفت: این سه جوان گفته می شود که قربانی را از خانه ربوده اند ، او را درگیر کردند. پلیس گفت که ماشین آنها را گرفته و او را به مکانی خلوت که در آنجا دستگیر شده بود ، بردند

Energy conservation is of the highest priority

This release was published on openPR.Another popular concept for building is ‘Net Zero Energy’. A Net Zero building produces as much energy or more energy and power than it consumes, with the excess power that the home produces capable of being delivered to the electric grid., Maine, Mass.., Vermont and R.

Green Building Council’s LEED standard.The LEED standards have been adopted by many architects and builders as a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.H.. have been riding this trend and producing products that our focused on the ‘Net Zero’ energy.” says Rand Hinman, The Granite Group Director of Showrooms. It is good for the earth and good for our future. The Ultimate Bath Showroom has the largest Kohler inventory in New England, and also features products from Bain Ultra, Elkay, Grohe, Kallista, Basco and Rohl. The Ultimate Bath has facilities throughout New England, with 13 fully decorated and staffed bathroom and kitchen showrooms locations in N.Of course, the ‘Net Zero’ energy process works better for new homes, for those of us who live in older homes, we must work harder to reduce our carbon footprint.For more on The Ultimate Bath Showrooms, visit: For more on The Granite Group.

Whether it new construction or remodeling an older dwelling, we must commit ourselves to seeking viable alternatives to our dependency on fossil fuels and unsustainable building practices. is a three-time recipient of EPA WaterSense awards, including the 2009 and 2008 WaterSense Manufacturing Partner of the Year.

"Energy conservation is of the highest priority at The Granite Group and the fantastic products from Kohler and Mitsubishi Electric geared towards Net Zero energy make it easier than ever for our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.About The Ultimate Bath ShowroomsThe Ultimate Towel racks manufacturers Bath Showroom is the exclusive showroom of The Granite Group, one of New England’s largest, full-service wholesale distributors of plumbing, heating, cooling and water supplies. Here are 9 proven methods for accomplishing this from the same people that gave the us the LEED’s certification: http://greenhomeguide. Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in sustainability products from photovoltaics to their VRF(Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC systems. It is the benchmark for energy conscious home building and can require significant upfront costs, but the net cost of owning a LEED-certified home is comparable to that of owning a conventional home thanks to cumulative energy and water savings.S

Equipment Market: OverviewIncreasing the demand for advanced

Mangar International, Inc.Patient Handling Equipment Market: Key playersSome of the key players in Market are Stryker Corporation, Handicare, Inc. The mechanical devices that are used to manual patient handling based on assessment of patient needs mainly based on safety for the caregiver, the patient, and rehabilitation goals. Etac Limited, Joerns Healthcare. Non-mechanical assist devices Portable passive lifts that are able to turn and reposition patients, pick patients China Shower Chairs up from the floor, and take patients from ambulances.Patient handling Equipment Market: Drivers and restraintsGlobal Patient handling Equipment market can be driven by following drivers.

Patient handling Equipment has gained widespread of acceptance by diverse departments such as rthopedics, Neurology, Critical Care Units, rehabilitation and bariatric surgeries etc. Increasing the technological advancements and applications of these advancements in critical surgeries such orthopedic surgeries and cardiac and bariatric surgeries are propels Patient Handling Equipment market over the forecast period. Sit and stand assistive devices that helps to patients for change positions., Benmor Medical, Inc. Patient handling equipment designed to help the patients with some mobility but who are lack the strength to control their body movements.comWebsite: www. FMI delivers a complete packaged solution, which combines current market intelligence, statistical anecdotes, technology inputs, valuable growth insights, an aerial view of the competitive framework, and future market trends. Asian Pacific region market is considered to rapidly evolving healthcare infrastructure, this region is anticipating providing a robust growth of global Patient handling Equipment market over the forecast period.ABOUT US:Future Market Insights (FMI) is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm.Patient handling devices are assistive devices which allows the patients in hospitals and nursing homes and other medical centers to transfer between beds and chair other places.futuremarketinsights. Increasing awareness among the people towards the use of innovative technologies providing lucrative market.

Patient handling Equipment Market: SegmentationGlobal Patient Handling Equipment Market can be segmented as following typesGlobal Patient handling Equipment by Products:By ProductMedical BedsLong-term care bedsPsychiatric care bedsCurative care bedsOthersWheelchairManual wheelchairPowered WheelchairMechanical EquipmentsNon mechanical equipmentBathroom safety suppliesAmbulatory AidsOthersBy AccessoriesStretcher accessoriesHospital Bed AccessoriesLifting accessoriesTransfer accessoriesEvacuation accessoriesBy End UserHospitalsAmbulatory Surgical CentresHome careBy Type of CareCritical careWound careBariatric careOrthopaedic CareNeurologic CareRehabilitationPatient Handling Equipment Market: OverviewIncreasing the demand for advanced technological products in various medical fields and increasing the need of equipment to handle patients with more care are provides a robust market growth. Beds that automatically turn patients into a sitting position. Increasing technological innovations in medical field propels the global patient handling equipment market.

Patient handling Equipment provides greatest contributions in assisting the patients from one place to another place. There are a variety of devices are available such as transfer sheets, it enables to minimize manual patient handling during lateral transfers and repositioning and helping to increase patient comfort.comThis release was published on openPR

Local emergencies praised the speed in which

Any training provided should also be repeated at regular intervals. Effective management of electrical cables in the workplace is essential in order to avoid trip hazards to staff, but also to reduce the possibility of an unwanted fire, continues Active Fire. Businesses across the UK have introduced additional safety equipment, upgraded facilities and implemented more coherent training for their personnel to prevent such incidents meaning fire safety in the work place has never been more prominent, with more vigorous checks being recommended by fire officials to make properties impervious to fire. In July 2003, over 100 fire fighters spent hours contending with a fire that broke out in a prodigious office block behind Paddington Station. The fire alarm? And lets not forget your other assistants: fire safety equipment. The First Statistics Monitor, which is published quarterly by Communities and Local Government, encompasses provisional figures on fires, fire fatalities, injuries and false alarms. of the office fire alarm resonates around the room and a momentarily look of concern presents itself on every face that has risen in unison.co.. It later emerged that the building had recognised electrical problems and insufficient fire safety appliances, mainly fire extinguishers and blankets. Ensure that all electrical equipment undergoes a regular PAT test and maintain appropriate records. The office is a perfect breeding ground for a fire. This, for the incalculable time, is a test alarm and one that arrives each week with wonderment.uk .The acute beep, beep, beep, beep.

The total number of UK fires fell by 11 per cent to 382,000 and are at their lowest since 1988. In May 2007, Council headquarters in Leicestershire were obliterated by a fire which was caused by an electrical fault on a light fitting.activefiremanagement.. All storage areas should be adequately located away from heat sources, for example; servers, computers and plugs. Even a kettle or fridge should be considered and documented. After a rigorous post mortem check of the buildings smouldering carcass, fire officials applauded the overall safety equipment that was in wholesale Shower Curtains place at the time. Malise Graham, Leader of Melton Borough Council, made the irrefutable point: We may have lost most of the office, but we still have all our staff in one piece. The building hosted over 150 staff, and although every staff member was safely evacuated successfully, over three quarters of office space was lost. The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires timely and effective training for all personnel. For more information visit www. For anyone whos experienced the horror of a real live, raging fire whether in the office or at home it is something Im sure they will not want to experience again. All of you are in the same team and one day may really depend on each other. Five floors of the structure were lost that day, but fortunately no lives. During 2007/08, The UK Fire and Rescue Services attended 799,000 fire and false alarm incidents (at both domestic and commercial properties) noting an 8 per cent decrease on the previous 12 months.

If you are sat at your desk as you finish reading this, take a few minutes out of your busy day to distinguish who is one of the most undervalued team mates in the office. Be extra conscious of having excessive electrical outlets and try to reduce the amount of extension cables that weave across the floor. Organisations should ensure that details of training and names of those who have received it is recorded in the fire log book.

The fire alarm is possibly the most understated colleague in any office. Combustible objects such as books, magazines and bags of materials waiting to be recycled act like fire lighters on a log fire, and should be stored properly and not piled up around the office. We are all aware, however, that this scheduled blast has a serious agenda; a job that we cant resent and a role that could save our lives. Electrical equipment such as fax machines and photocopiers are both potential heat generating threats, and although there are constant warnings about monitoring and upgrading fire safety devices, often old or defective machines like the humble photocopier can be fire hazards. Local emergencies praised the speed in which everyone left the building and the manner and organisation they did so. Im glad that we can plan for a new building and not for human loses. Resilient fire crew tackled the blaze continuously for two days, and five were treated in hospital for injuries. The figure for UK fire deaths, however, increased by 8 per cent to 500, and embedded within this statistic, 373 deaths occurred in England; the latter being contrary to the long term downward trend. Appropriate fire training for all staff is essential to ensure that the correct action is taken in the event of a fire, says Active Fire Management, who provide a professional fire consultancy service for all aspects of fire safety and training requirements

Under the new system proposed

At present, when a vehicle is kept entirely off the road a statutory off the road notification (SORN) can be completed by the vehicle owner, absolving them from the responsibility of having to both tax and insure the vehicle. If you own a vehicle, insure it, for come March there will be even less excuse and far more punishment for not doing so. The owner of an uninsured vehicle will then be sent a formal letter of warning allowing them a period of time in which to obtain adequate insurance. But in a newly unveiled Government initiative, as of March 2011 it will be necessary for all vehicles to be adequately insured whether or not they are used on the road, unless a SORN has been duly completed. But what can never be predicted is the extent of personal injury that can be caused as a result of negligent driving and the hardship involved with there being no insurer to turn to for compensation for the personal injury suffered be it minor or serious injury. With this latest Government proposal, the battle against uninsured motorists and their vehicles does appear to be gathering momentum.

In part, this crackdown hopes to curb the reckless behaviour of uninsured motorists who cause serious injury to others, leaving them able only to receive compensation for personal injury through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

But whilst changes are being made, many are still falling victim to serious injury as a result of accidents caused by uninsured drivers causing not only heartache to the victim but placing a huge burden on the honest British motorist also. The message is clear: be responsible. Ultimately the vehicle may be seized and crushed.Each year 23,000 people endure personal injury as a result of uninsured drivers and an additional 160 suffer such serious injury as to result in death. This has to be welcomed given the Shower Curtain Rods Manufacturers serious injury that can be suffered. Research also shows only 7% of drivers are aware of the consequences that will befall them if they are caught driving whilst uninsured.

Therefore if a vehicle was uninsured but found sat on a driveway, nothing could be done.Currently, an uninsured vehicle can be seized by the police and six penalty points can be given to the vehicle owner together with a £200 fine.It was at the end of 2005 when police gained powers to seize uninsured vehicles but only if they caught the driver at the wheel. If insurance is not obtained, the owner will be fined £100 and if the owner continues to fail to cooperate a further fine of up to £5,000 and 8 penalty points may be issued. Established in 1946, the MIB aims to compensate victims for vehicle damage, personal injury and financial losses and expenses suffered as a result of negligent uninsured and untraced motorists. Shockingly, new reports from the MIB reveal that one tenth of all 18-34 year old drivers are unaware that car insurance is a legal requirement, with approximately 900,000 drivers under the age of 30 currently driving without insurance.Under the new system proposed, the MIB will work closely with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to identify uninsured vehicles. By making it mandatory for even off the road vehicles to be insured, the Government hopes to not only reduce the number of MIB claims and the cost of the average motor insurance premium but to also reduce the rates of personal injury caused by road traffic collisions. This leaves a £5,000,000 personal injury costs bill that is paid for through insurance premiums of insured motorists

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